In today’s Navy, the primary focus of career development is on creating a flexible and capable workforce to meet the needs of the fleet. This workforce must be creative, innovative and dedicated to continuous process improvement.

Because our mission is so important, NAVAIR provides countless opportunities for development, high levels of job empowerment, opportunities for employee assistance and tuition assistance for continuing education. In addition to formal programs, like the Navy Leadership Development Program (NLDP), we implement demand-based training programs for new technologies and new challenges as needs arise.

Your education continues as long as you’re a NAVAIR employee.

  • Various training and developmental programs
  • Opportunities for tuition assistance
  • Formal mentoring program
  • On-site training
  • Rotational assignments
  • Executive leadership programs

NAVAIR offers a variety of internal and external Development Programs and Trainings. Below are two of NAVAIRs internal development programs.

The Journey Leadership Development Program (JLDP) is a Command-wide program for both civilian and military personnel. It is part of an ongoing command commitment to leadership development and is intended to complement the senior-level leadership program, NAVAIR Leadership Development Program (NLDP). JLDP enables participants to enhance productivity skills, develop a more robust personal network, increase organizational knowledge, and gain opportunities for professional growth and advancement. Developmental activities will include classroom-based leadership training, computer-based training, shadowing assignments, formal mentoring and interviews with senior leaders.

The NAVAIR Leadership Development Program (NLDP) is NAVAIR's flagship leadership development program and is part of an ongoing Command commitment to the continuous personal and professional growth and development of our military and civilian workforce.  The program was designed for high performing NAVAIR workforce members who have demonstrated leadership potential to fully develop their leadership, management, and productivity improvement skills.

NLDP is intended to provide participants the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the organization via AIRSpeed initiatives and to establish valuable networks with peers and senior leaders across the command and throughout the Navy and the Department of Defense (DOD).

It is the expectation of NAVAIR senior leadership that participants and graduates of NLDP will be change agents and support continuous improvement throughout the Command.  NLDP participants and graduates are expected to stay abreast of corporate initiatives and take away every opportunity to share their knowledge with other workforce members. 

The program provides mid-to-senior grade level employees a systematic and logical approach for clarifying career goals.  It broadens participants' "world view", sharpens networking skills, teaches current management and leadership philosophies, and provides real-time project experience that will foster creativity and result in benefits to the way that we do business.