Lakehurst, NJ

The Work We Do
Lakehurst is the critical link between Naval Aviation and the Navy Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups worldwide. As part of the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD), we support all the aircraft that operate from ships at sea, as well as the ships from which they operate, along with the U.S. Marine Corps expeditionary airfields worldwide. Lakehurst is the source for engineering support activity for Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment (ALRE) and Naval Aviation Support Equipment. Our purpose is to infuse modern technology across the entire spectrum of equipment needed to launch, land and maintain aircraft from ships at sea. 

Our mission is clear: to provide unsurpassed products and services to our Sailors and Marines. We make sure that fixed and rotary wing aircraft operate safely and effectively from ships at sea and from austere expeditionary airfields. Designing, prototyping, testing and contracting are the main elements of our work – whether it’s catapults, arresting gear, visual landing aids, flight deck marking/lighting systems, aircraft and weapons handling equipment, aircraft servicing and maintenance equipment, unique avionics testing equipment, aircraft engine test equipment and shipboard aircraft fire trucks that we’re working on. Lakehurst is the only location responsible for this unique and vital aspect of Naval Aviation. 

Living & Working in Lakehurst
Lakehurst is the only government or industry site that possesses the co-located and integrated specialized facilities and engineering expertise to design, prototype, manufacture, test and repair naval Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment (ALRE). Our location was newly-dedicated as a joint base, housing Base McGuire (Air Force), Fort Dix (Army) and Lakehurst (Navy). It’s a unique place to work and a great place to live. 

You’ll have a real sense of pride in your work at Lakehurst. The size is manageable – not so large you’ll get lost in the shuffle, but big enough to really make a difference in NAVAIR and to our Sailors and Marines. You’ll have opportunities to go aboard ships, travel, work on cross-competency teams and develop your professional skills while you work. On base you’ll have access to a recreation center with a workout room and jogging track, bowling alley, basketball court, football and soccer teams, a pool, a golf course, an auto skills center and a flying club. 

With 127 miles of white sandy beaches to scenic mountains, the Garden State is home to countless natural attractions year round. Lakehurst is near several state parks and nature reserves in the Pine Barrens, and is just a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean. You’ll have access to all the amenities of a big city – world-class museums, award-winning theater, music, dance, casinos, ski resorts, racetracks, professional sports and more. Fantastic Jersey peaches, blueberries, corn and tomatoes are available at many nearby farmers’ markets. Lakehurst is also just a short drive from Philadelphia and New York City. 

Lakehurst Stats
3,500 personnel
200 active-duty military personnel
100 civilian technical representatives located worldwide
Generates $327 million annually 
Annual salary about 16% higher than statewide average
Among Top 60 employers in the state of New Jersey
7,430 acres
Two active conventional runways
One 12,000-foot dedicated R&D test runway
Three active 2-mile-long test tracks to simulate aircraft landings
Six large hangars
368 structures - 298 buildings including 20 advanced engineering laboratories, training facilities and the 5.7-acre complex 
800 lakes and ponds, 100 rivers and creeks, 36 state parks, 21 two-year colleges, 20 four-year colleges, and 11 state forests nearby

Who We Hire

  • Engineering

    • Aerospace Engineers
    • Computer Engineers
    • Electrical Engineers
    • Industrial Engineers
    • Material Engineers
    • Mechanical Engineers
  • Science

    • Computer Scientists
    • Information Technologists
    • Operations Research Analysts
  • Business and Related Fields

    • Logisticians
    • Administrative Personnel
    • Contract Specialists
    • Financial Management Analysts
    • Management Analysts
    • Cost Analysts
    • Accountants
  • Production Fields

    • Equipment Specialists
    • Industrial Specialists
    • Manufacturing Artisans
    • Quality Assurance Specialists 
    • Skilled Technical Artisans 
    • Technicians 
    • Test Mechanics
    • Pipefitters
    • Electricians
    • Machinists
    • Sheet Metal Mechanics
    • Welders

And Professionals in:

  • Acquisition